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Developing Positive Study Skills and Organizational Habits

Developing positive study skills and organizational habits are extremely important for student success.  They are especially important for the college-bound student, but also for students in any stage of development.  These skills can be taught and reinforced until they become second nature to the student.

When a student begins to develop good study skills, he/she begins to be able to select appropriate strategies for success with the academic tasks at hand.  Organizational skills go hand-in-hand with good study skills, engendering success in academics.  Organizing one’s time, materials, and activities, are not only necessary for responsible school work, but for later life as well.  An organized person is a responsible person – one who knows what is expected, and how to achieve the expected goal.

The word success is a word that is all important to our children.  It is what we work for and wish for in their behalf.  The old saying, “nothing breeds success like success,” is not only true, but can be seen as we watch our children achieve.  Once a child experiences success, he/she wants to experience it again and again.

A+ Tutoring provides highly qualified teachers to guide your child in learning strategies beneficial to his/her learning style.  The mentor teacher, or tutor, provides experiences in which the student can apply the proper study skills and strategies necessary for task completion.  Once a student has been taught the right skills, feelings of competence, confidence, and positive self-esteem will result.

Educational research consistently supports the premise that parental interest, involvement, and participation in the child’s education both at home and at school, are the number one predictors of academic success.  Providing a home environment that fosters study and encourages achievement increases the likelihood of success.  Providing support, educational materials, and a positive attitude will ensure that your child is adequately prepared for success.

Posted March 19
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