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The SAT with focus on the Verbal Section

By Sheila Pence

The SAT is a test that many colleges use in their evaluation of applicants for admission. The test is 3 hours and 45 minutes long and is comprised of three main divisions: Math, Critical Reading, and Writing. Apart from the essay and ten of the 54 math questions, the questions on the SAT are all 5 answer multiple-choice. Each of the 3 divisions has a possible score of 800, for a maximum overall score of 2400.

The Verbal section of the SAT is composed of Critical Reading and Writing. The Critical Reading sections test the ability to read and understand written English at a level needed for success in college. The Critical Reading section is divided into Sentence Completion and Reading Comprehension. Both of these areas require a large vocabulary. If a student is well-read, the vocabulary won’t be as big a problem as for a reluctant reader. The good news is that anyone can raise his/her vocabulary level.

The Writing section is comprised of two areas: Essay, (to be written in 25 minutes), and Grammar. The Grammar section has questions concerning three areas:

  • Identification of Sentence Errors
  • Sentence Correction
  • Editing in Context

Here at A+ Tutoring, Inc., we have many strategies that we employ when preparing a student to take the SAT. We have computer based SAT websites divided into the different areas which give immediate feedback. Some students would rather work on the computer than in a book and we want to make the learning experience comfortable and enjoyable. We have many SAT prep books, which give informative overviews and explanation for the skills needed for each section. When the student takes a practice test, there is a detailed explanation for each section.

The tutors at A+ offer guidance and support for the student preparing to take the SAT. We guide and encourage the learning and work to show the student what he/she can do at home to boost the score on the SAT. In working with the student, the tutor is able to determine which section needs the most work. Almost all students need to learn more vocabulary words, and this is an area where we do much work. The student is given work to do at home. The student begins to see her/her own progress and is therefore encouraged to try even harder.

We have seen many students achieve through their hard work and study. It is fulfilling to hear from students who have taken the SAT and done well. We are here to help prepare the students for the SAT.

Posted March 19
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